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The Civil war of Finland
Just over one month old Independence Finland went mad and a cruel Civil war was fought 27 January – 15 May 1918 between "the Reds", led by the Social Democratic Party, and "the Whites", conducted by the non-socialist, conservative-based Senate.

Eventually the White Guards won the war with aid of the Imperial Army of Germany. The Red Guards got some help from Russia and England.

Casualties and losses:

3,500 killed in action
1,650 executed
46 missing
4 Prisoner or War deaths
55 killed in action
450–500 killed in action
5,700–5,800 casualties

5,700 killed in action
10,000 executed
1,150 missing
12,500 Prisoner or War deceased,
700 acute deaths after release
800–900 killed in action
1,600 executed
32,500 casualties

Guard Uniforms made by me in Second Life.

Previous pic:…

(Second Life pic by Laserskater, area: Saunaranta)

First you shake and squeeze but no ketchup comes out - so you shake even harder. In the end, the ketchup comes out in an enormous rush.

Such were with the first steps of Finland's independence, which was declared 12/6 1917 but only Russian's recognition 25 days later and exactly 100 years ago 12/31 1917 encouraged also other countries doing the same soon.

Thank you Uncle Lenin for opening the ketchup jar:

"The Soviet of People's

Dec. 18, 1917. (ie 12/31.1917 in today's calendar)
No. 101

As the answer to the appeal of the Finnish Government to recognise the independence of the Republic of Finland, the Soviet of People's Commissars, in full accordance with the principle of nations' right to self-determination, HAS DECIDED:
To propose to the Central Executive Committee that:
a) The independence of the Republic of Finland as a country is recognised,
b) A special Commission, in agreement with the Finnish Government, comprising members of both parties, should be instituted to elaborate those practical measures that follow from the partition of Finland from Russia.

Chairman of the Soviet of People's Commissars
V.l. Ulianov (Lenin)

People's Commissars:
L. Trotski
G. Petrovski
J. Stalin
I. Steinberg
V. Karelin A. Schlichter

The Chief of Bureau Vlad. Bonch-Bruevich
Secretary of the Soviet N. Gorbunov"

Previous pic:…

Sequel pic:…
Finland celebrates 100 years of independence 2017.
Photoshoots from Finland's Independence Celebrations in Second Life 6 December 2017 (Villa Finland).

The Finnish declaration of independence was adopted by the Parliament of Finland on 6 December 1917.
It declared Finland an independent nation, among nations:

To The Finnish People.

The Finnish Parliament has on 15th day of the last November, in support of Section 38 of the Constitution, declared to be the Supreme holder of the State Authority as well as set up a Government to the country, that has taken to its primary task the realization and safeguarding Finland’s independence as a state. The people of Finland have by this step taken their fate in their own hands: a step both justified and demanded by present conditions. The people of Finland feel deeply that they cannot fulfil their national duty and their universal human obligations without a complete sovereignty. The century-old desire for freedom awaits fulfilment now; The People of Finland has to step forward as an independent nation among the other nations in the world.

Achieving this goal requires mainly some measures by the Parliament. Finland’s current form of government, which is currently incompatible with the conditions, requires a complete renewal and therefore has the Government now submitted a proposition for a new Constitution to the Parliament’s council, a proposition that is based on the principle that Finland is to be a sovereign republic. Considering that, the main features of the new polity has to be carried into effect immediately, the Government has at the same time delivered a bill of acts in this matter, which mean to satisfy the most urgent renewal needs before the establishment of the new Constitution.

The same goal also calls for measures from the part of the Government. The Government will approach foreign powers to seek an international recognition of our country’s independence as a state. At the present moment this is particularly all the more necessary, when the grave situation caused by the country’s complete isolation, famine and unemployment compels the Government to establish actual relations to the foreign powers, which prompt assistance in satisfying the necessities of life and in importing the essential goods for the industry, are our only rescue from the imminent famine and industrial stagnation.

The Russian people have, after subverting the Tsarist Regime, in a number of occasions expressed its intention to favour the Finnish people the right to determine its own fate, which is based on its centuries-old cultural development. And widely over all the horrors of the war is heard a voice, that one of the goals of the present war is to be, that no nation shall be forced against its will to be dependent on another (nation). The Finnish people believe that the free Russian people and its constitutive National Assembly don’t want to prevent Finland’s aspiration to enter the multitude of the free and independent nations. At the same time the People of Finland dare to hope that the other nations of the world recognizes, that with their full independence and freedom the People of Finland can do their best in fulfilment of those purposes that will win them an independent position amongst the people of the civilized world.

At the same time as the Government has wanted to let all the Finnish citizens to know these words, the Government turns to the citizens, as well as the private and public authorities, calling everyone on their own behalf with rapt attention to follow the (law and) order by filling their patriotic duty, to strain all their strength for achieving the nations common goal in this point of time, which has such an importance and decisiveness, that there have never before been in the life of the Finnish people. In Helsinki, 4 December 1917.

The Finnish Senate:

P.E. Svinhufvud. E.N. Setälä.
Kyösti Kallio. Jalmar Castrén.
Onni Talas. Arthur Castrén.
Heikki Renvall. Juhani Arajärvi.
Alexander Frey. E.Y. Pehkonen.
O.W. Louhivuori.

Sequel pic:…
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Scarlet Pimpernel was the first novel in a series of historical fiction by Baroness Orczy set during the Reign of Terror following the start of the French Revolution, first published in 1905.

The Scarlet Pimpernel was a chivalrous Englishman, Sir Percy Blakeney, who, with his band of gentlemen, rescues aristocrats before they can be killed by the violent government in revolutionary France.

He was known by his flower-symbol, the scarlet pimpernel. He succeeds by transforming himself into a formidable swordsman and escape artist. His identity was secret to all but his men.


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